SI Stories: Meghan Anderson

Urbanity Dance Head Shots.The Urbanity Summer Intensive essentially kick started my career as a professional dancer. I attended the intensive the summer after I graduated from college. That summer, I had to decide what to do with my career, where to audition, what type of company I wanted to dance for, etc.
I decided to attend SI as a way to stay in shape over the summer while figuring everything out, and I ended up falling in love with Urbanity as a whole; the atmosphere, the aesthetic, the people, and of course the movement! That summer helped me to define the type of dancer that I wanted to be. Without Urbanity’s Summer Intensive, I’m not sure where my career would be now!

As an Urbanity SI alumni, I especially look forward to teaching and choreographing for the Intensive every year! It’s my favorite part of the summer and I love seeing all of the dancers that attend grow over the 2-3 week period. The growth as a dancer and performer is always tremendous in every dancer. I’ve been known to give a class loaded with strength and conditioning, and the difference in strength and power from day one to the last day is incredible to witness.
Another part of SI that I love is seeing the support system and friendships that develop between all of the dancers. They begin pushing each other and supporting each other in the best of ways, going as far as cheering and applauding for each other with each and every improvement made in the studio.
And of course, the faculty and guest teachers that teach at SI are simply amazing and inspiring! It’s incredible to be in such a great group of dance artists and educators. Between the faculty and even fellow SI students, everyone becomes part of a strong professional network, and we all make lasting connections in the field. Students receive mentorship and get real, first-hand answers about carving out a career as a dancer, finding the best training programs and performance opportunities, how to deal with challenges along the way and more. Add to that the inspiring classes and choreographers by diverse professionals such as Jackie Nowicki, Ebony Williams and others, and it’s truly a magical summer of dance.
I’m just one of many SI stories, but if this is the only one you hear, remember that Meg said this: it’s an amazing program, and I am a better dancer and teacher because of it!

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