Urbanity Dance Summer Intensive

Urbanity Dance is traveling around the United States auditioning students for their exclusive summer intensive. Every year ninety hand-selected students are chosen for a unique hands-on Contemporary Intensive at Urbanity Dance. From Monday through Friday, dancers take 6-8 hours of classes ranging from contemporary, modern, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, partnering, choreography, leaps/turns, improvisation and career counseling. At the end of the summer intensive, it will culminate in a special performance from everything that was absorbed from students throughout the intensive.

The Summer Intensive is divided into two sections; Urbaniteen, which includes dancers ages 11-15 and the Summer Intensive, which includes dancers age 16-23. The 2015 program will run from July 27 through August 14. The 2015 Faculty includes Besti Graves, Jackie Nowicki, Ellenore Scott, Jamie Lovell, Ebony Williams, Jaclyn K .Walsh, John Selya, Paul Craig, Michelle Chasse, Sandi Duncan, Oliver Besson and Teddy Forance.

I went to the January 31st Boston Audition and I met with dancer that was auditioning and she expressed great satisfaction. She said, “This audition is much more laid back than most auditions. I feel like I’m in a class; I feel much more comfortable and less nervous.

Here are some photos from the audition.



Click here to learn more information about the Summer Intensive and see when are the next audition dates around the country!

Written by Gina Marte


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