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Meet Urbanity!

Our first intern profile! Meet Brenden Hurley, one of the most animated people in the office! A big hit with the kids, she’s always one to make us laugh.

Position @ Urbanity: Boston Contemporary Dance Festival (BCDF) Intern

College: New York University – Tisch School of the Arts (Drama Major, BFA)

Fun Fact: “I apply every year to be the next Bachelorette.”

Why She Chose Urbanity: “I truly believe in the innovative, original, and myriad ways that Urbanity approaches dance. The company’s constant striving towards authenticity both in and through movement absolutely inspires me, and it is my pleasure to help them in this endeavor however I may.”

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Thanks for everything you do for us Brenden! We will be sad to see you go this summer…


Until next time Urbanitarians!


Written by Erin Saunders

Meet Urbanity!

Hello dance friends!

Introducing Andrew Troum, one who always knows how to make everyone smile and laugh.

Position at Urbanity: Marketing Manager.

College Attended: Boston College.

Fun Fact: Nickelodeon threw a nationally televised party at his house for the premiere of one of the Rugrats movies!

Why He Loves Urbanity: “Urbanity actually gave me my very first internship years ago and was one of the major reasons I found a passion for marketing the arts, specifically dance. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow so much and I owe a lot of it to Urbanity and Betsi.”

 Favorite Urbanity Moment: “When I was an intern, I remember being all dressed up dancing at the BCDF after party with the other summer interns who I became extremely close to (shoutout–I love you guys!) and it was one of the most bitter/sweet moments I have in recent memory. I was so sad to be done with my internship, but I looked around at all of the companies from around the globe that were brought here because of Urbanity and it was just an incredible culmination of all the work we had done that summer. At that moment, I could not have been prouder to be part of this company.”

andrew dancey

Andrew, you are amazing! We appreciate all that you do for us… Thanks!


Until next time Urbanitarians!


Senior Saturday

The last edition of Senior Saturday!

Today we are introducing Jessica Flynn, our third and last recently graduated Junior Apprentice.

Hometown: Haverhill, MA. (danced in North Reading, MA)

Future Plans: “I am actually not going to college, I’m pursuing my dance career. I do plan on getting my business degree online at some time, though. My dream is to travel but also dance at the same time so I am looking at getting into the cruise line business and dancing with traveling “Broadway” shows.”

“Being a Junior Apprentice with Urbanity was one of the best decisions I ever made. Working under Betsi Graves and other various choreographers has opened up so many opportunities for me including being able to choreograph for the other Junior Apprentices and dancing at Outside the Box. I absolutely loved my time at Urbanity and wish all the best for the incoming JAs!” 

Congrats Jess! We wish you the best with your dance career, and we can’t wait to see where it takes you. Urbanity is so proud of you.


Until next time Urbanitarians!


By Erin Saunders
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Meet Urbanity!

Welcome back everyone! You know the drill, so let’s get right into it.

Introducing Haley Day, a force to be reckoned with! A strong and determined individual, she gets the biz done!

Positions @ Urbanity: School Principal & Company Dancer.

College Attended: University of Missouri, Kansas – Conservatory of Music & Dance.

Fun Fact: Haley has two cats named Charlie and Toaster!

Why She Loves Urbanity: “Because I can roll around on the floor with mismatched socks and no one thinks it’s weird.” 

Her Favorite Memory: “It was opening night for Urbanity’s show at the ICA in February 2015; everyone was warmed up, ready to go, and excited to perform at such in such an awesome space. We were waiting in the wings for the assistant stage manager to call places, but before the cue came, the music started. We looked at each other in the wings–what do we do?? Do we try to get them to restart the music?? What happened?!?!??–and Jamie yelled, “Go!” We rushed out to our positions and got there just in time before the lights came up. No one knew anything had gone wrong, and the rest of the show was stellar–I love that about Urbanity. Sometimes unexpected things happen, but in the end, everything comes together.”

short 2 color

Thanks for everything Haley. Our students adore you… and so do we!


Until next time Urbanitarians!


By Erin Saunders

Senior Saturday

Meet Kaila Jackson! Another newly graduated Junior Apprentice.

kaila jacksonkaila jackson dance

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Future Schooling: Point Park University

Concentration: BFA in Dance

“Once I leave for college, I hope to grow so much more as a dancer and broaden my horizons. With the help of Urbanity, I have been exposed to the professional dance world and know what to expect in my future! I love everyone at Urbanity and they have become a wonderful family! I love everyone I’ve grown close with and it is going to be very difficult to say goodbye!”
Congrats Kaila! You have a bright future and we can’t wait for you to continue your dance education!

Until next time Urbanitarians!
By Erin Saunders


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Meet Urbanity!

Welcome back to Meet Urbanity!

Today we are introducing Marco Carneiro. He is a vital part of our office here at Urbanity. A calm and focused individual, he knows the answers to the tough questions, and is always there to help whenever we need it.

Position @ Urbanity: Director of Operations

Colleges Attended: Boston Conservatory & Dean College

Fun Fact: Marco has an unnatural amount of knowledge surrounding the Golden Girls.

Why He Loves Urbanity: “I love that Urbanity does what it dreams!”

His Favorite Memory: “There used to be just one doorway into Urbanity, and it led directly into the rehearsal studio. Upon my first time visiting the studio (I was interviewing for the job!) I walked into the studio and so intimately experienced a rehearsal of Jaclyn Walsh’s piece (r)evolve, which the dancers were rehearsing before heading to APAP in NYC. It was magical, intoxicatingly beautiful movement. I will never forget seeing that work for the first time so up close and personal; at some points I was literally standing shoulder to shoulder with dancers I had never met while they seemed to whirl throughout the space. I was a lucky observer in those moments, watching in awe and seemingly unable to figure out what to say or do except to stay right there and see more. Eventually my brain and mouth connected again and I was able to greet Betsi and get pointed in the right direction to the office for my meeting. But, in those moments I vividly remember truly feeling as if I had stumbled upon a beautiful secret, this group of artists nestled away in the South End creating such captivating movement. And I have to say, that is still my favorite piece!”

marco !!


We love you Marco. You’re the glue that keeps us together… Thanks for everything!


Until next time Urbanitarians!


By Erin Saunders