Urbanity NEXT: Jacob Regan

*Written by Hannah Chanatry

After weeks of preparation and hard work, Urbanity NEXT is HERE! No stranger to hard work is our last in-house choreographer, Jacob Regan. He’s no

PC: Eli Akerstein

PC: Eli Akerstein

stranger to choreography either, having been lead choreographer for Urbanity Dance’s fall 2015 dance crawl Neruda’s Book of Questions. He is also incredibly difficult to track down (*cough cough wink wink*), between the multiple dance companies he performs with, the improv jams he attends, and finding new ways to style his crazy-long hair – I’m talking serious lax bro flow, it may even be longer than mine!

When I was finally able to get a hold of him (again, *cough cough*), I got an inside look at the themes he’s playing on for his NEXT piece. Continue reading

Urbanity NEXT: Alex Davis

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*written by Hannah Chanatry

Alex 1

PC: Celso Enrique

There are people in this world who can, by the simple act of entering a room, fundamentally change the energy of that room for the better. Alex Davis is one of those people – especially when he’s just been to Dunkin’! A dancer in the Urbanity Company, his enthusiasm is infectious, whether he’s in the office or on stage, and now he will be pouring that energy into an original work for the Urbanity NEXT residency. Continue reading

Urbanity NEXT: Genevieve Mudd and Colleen Roddy

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*written by Hannah Chanatry

Why have just one of something when you can have two? We had the same thought – why have just one choreographer when you can have two? And two we have – we are so excited to showcase the dynamic choreography duo of Genevieve Mudd and Colleen Roddy as part of our NEXT choreography residency. These two ladies are hard to track down amid their busy lives – in addition to their dance work, Colleen is currently pursuing a doctorate in Physical Therapy, and Genevieve is a practicing Occupational Therapist – but they managed to find time to talk about their piece and their partnership. Continue reading

Urbanity NEXT: Kara Foote

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*written by Hannah Chanatry

1452609832397When watching an Urbanity show, you really can’t miss Kara Foote; she’s short, spunky, and her make up is always on point (but really, that girl knows how to wing her eyeliner – take notes). A member of the second company, it is a delight to watch her dance. Now, however, the roles are reversed. A recipient of the Urbanity NEXT choreography residency, instead of performing on stage Kara is choreographing a work for the show. I caught up with her to chat about her inspiration, Urbanity, and what it’s like being in charge of her own piece.

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Now, On to the Next One!

*written by Hannah Chanatry

You know that feeling of giddy satisfaction when a new project exceeds your expectations? When you take a leap of faith, and stick the landing for tens across the board? Don’t you love it?

So do we!

We are feeling that love coming off of our first ever Winter Intensive! It was a resounding success, leaving our studio full of young, talented dancers eager to learn, grow, and create. With classes taught by members of our own professional company, the dancers also had a first hand look at what it’s like to be a working professional with a company like Urbanity.


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Herkley edit 2

A Season in Review

*written by Hannah Chanatry

After a much needed holiday break, the new year has arrived, and the blog is back! It’s hard to believe that it is already 2016, especially when looking back on everything Urbanity managed to urbanity-dec-15-287-webpack into the first half of our 2015/2016 season.


The company had a super successful fall dance crawl with their performance of Neruda’s Book of Questions: An Exploration Through Music and Dance; the show sold out almost every night! Led with choreography by Jacob Regan, the site-specific show at the Inkblock Apartments displayed Continue reading